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Michael Crooks

"Michael Crooks has been a tremendous asset to the Top Secrets Mastermind Group for years. In "Rethinking Trade Show Giveaways," he demonstrates how to create effective trade show promotions with vivid examples, unswerving logic and an excellent blend of strategic and creative thinking."
David Blaise
Top Secrets of
Promotional Products Sales

"Michael Crooks’ unabashed view of the world around him and promotional marketing in particular is refreshing. His insights strip away the status quo and reveal the obscure obvious - causing the reader to wonder how they missed something so apparent."

MaryAnne Morrill
Editor in Chief,
Brilliant Results Magazine

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Welcome to Promo ReThink where we ReThink the status quo, reveal the obscure obvious and give you the creative edge.

Article: Creative Problem-Solving Part#3: Rubber Bands Stretch Your Imagination.

"ReThinking Trade Show Giveaways" — sacrifices the sacred cows that have fueled decades of mediocre trade show results.

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"ReThinking Trade Show Giveaways" answers the question: "How do I effectively use a promotional product to positively affect prospecting  R.O.I. —  without simply giving it away?"

A crystal-clear reality check. "ReThinking Trade Show Giveaways"
blows away conventional thinking
. Marketers and business owners learn how to effectively promote — without simply giving stuff away. Promotional product distributors learn to bring more value to your clients.

Chapter 9: Learn how to get your name out there AND achieve measurable results. "Getting your name out there" is a desirable by-product of ReThinking what you REALLY want to accomplish.

Chapter 6: The exercise on page 16 proves that simply giving stuff away is NOT effective promotion. 

Chapter 5: Learn 3 reasons why Top 10 lists are marketing snake oil. 

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